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Marcus & Pamela Dunn

"Your family is your first ministry."

Apostle Marcus & Lady Pamela Dunn are overseer's at Kingdom Place Ministries in Anniston,AL. KPM recently celebrated 20 years of ministry. The Dunn's have been married for 37 years and have 3 children: Marcus Jr , Brandon and Blessing.


The Dunn's have been ministering together to couples for over 19 years. They believe that your marriage & family is your first ministry. The scripture that is the foundation for their marriage and household is Proverbs 24:3 “ Through wisdom a house is built: and by understanding it is established."

They have spoken at numerous couples retreats, conferences and have been leaders of the KPM Couples Ministry at Kingdom Place Ministries teaching “The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted" series by Gary Chapman. The Dunn's enjoy couples counseling ,marriage counseling, pre-marital coaching and household financial advising. In their spare time, they minister to others through their marriage and lifestyle.


You can follow them on Facebook Kingdom Place Ministries and on Instagram @wearekpministries.

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