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What Is Marriage?

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

The first step to a healthy marriage is understanding what it is....and what it isn't!

What it’s not: It’s not a deal, a 50/50 agreement, it’s not a license just to have sex, it’s not something we try for a while to see how it works and then get out of it when trouble starts, and it’s not an experiment to see how many times you can do it.

In order to fully understand what it is we must believe in God, accept what HE said about it, and then surrender our will and ways to HIM.

Even when we do all of these things, we still have to deal with our fleshy habits and attitudes every day.

Marriage is a “One Flesh” Covenant relationship between one man and one woman that was designed by God, and intended to last forever. Unlike a contract, that is signed by men with ink, the marriage Covenant was made by God Himself, and then signed and sealed with HIS own blood. HE gave HIs own life for our marriage.

Marriage is also a gift from God to mankind. Now, every person has their proper gift, and not every person is able to receive the gift of marriage.

Marriage serves as God’s blueprint for the salvation of humanity from eternal damnation.

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