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Loving Through Long-Term Illness

How are you expressing your love to your spouse?

In spite of the conflict that you have on a daily basis, are you willing to be a caretaker for your spouse, if he or she was completely dependent upon you? I ask this question after seeing close friends who are experiencing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

The wife has gotten progressively worse over the past twelve years, however the husband has given his life to caring for her in a very special manner. When I look at the way she admiringly gazes at her husband, I see the love and appreciation for a man that has shown his wife that he loves her by his actions.

Before the wife was afflicted with this disease, she was very articulate, well-educated, a great communicator, an author, a professional in personnel management, a great wife, and an awesome mother. Yes, all of these things were so elegantly displayed her family life. Observing this family over the years, I have seen a steadfast love for God.


God prepared them for this transition and they are epitomizing the love of God.


The husband has totally given himself to 24 hour care of his mate.

I ask myself, 'Are you to the point that--after forty seven years of marriage--your love for your husband can endure a devastating illness?'

Am I at a place where I can unconditionally care for him 24 hours a day? You see the things we have previously received into our lives prepare us for the long haul. The word of God sustains our relationship.

My connection to my spouse, my communication, my loving attitude, my forgiving nature, my respect and honor, and most of all my love for God. All of these are preparatory measures to endure any crisis.


I applaud my friends for exemplifying Christ in their life’s journey.


True love exudes from their walking through this debilitating disease called Alzheimer's. It is a disease that makes you forget those you have known you all your life--including your mate. As it progresses, food is eaten but not recognized by its name. The simple task of putting on your clothes is forgotten.

God has prepared my friends to overcome obstacles and triumph in their relationship. Examine yourself and ask : Can I be the caretaker to the one God has chosen to be my spouse?

Let’s observe this from God’s prospective.

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