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Marriage First

Marriage was the first order of business for humanity under God’s direction.

All life, saved or unsaved, belongs to God. It is HIS by creative power. We were married to HIM by creative power. However, sin divorced us from GOD. HE didn’t leave us, but we left HIM.

Remarriage, restoration, reconciliation occur when we surrender our lives to HIM by accepting and following HIS Son, Jesus the Christ in the renewed covenant.

We will never fully understand, or appreciate, being married to another human being until we fully give our hearts and minds to HIM in a daily walk. The Lord our Maker is our Husband.

Marriage is a “Great Mystery” that speaks of the relationship between Christ and HIS Body, the Church, and the mystery is only revealed to those who have eyes to see as the Holy Spirit reveals it. Marriage is a great trilogy: It has been, is being, and will finally be revealed.

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